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About Us

We buy houses for long term investment and hold a huge portfolio of rental homes throughout the UK. We are desperately in need of more houses for our ever expanding tenant list.

Upright Homes was formed by a small group of property investors who have been building, buying, renovating, letting and selling houses for decades. Realising it was much better for both the seller and buyer to cut out the profiteering middleman estate agent, a team of professionals got together to do just that.

Dealing with estate agents can be costly for both sellers and professional buyers like Upright Homes. We would often miss out on buying houses because many estate agents would “choose” their buyer, maybe a family member, friend or a property investor with whom they held some form of relationship. How could it be that offers were placed and subsequently refused on houses, only to find out later the houses had sold for much less. Time to cut out the estate agent we thought!

Upright Homes was created with the aim of being Upright and decent to sellers and giving them a fair deal. No selling costs, no stress, no third parties or buyers and an excellent standard of service. Having over £20m of buying power and a dedicated team of lawyers we are able to buy your house and complete very quickly.

Average Days For Completion

Upright Homes

Auction Sale

Estate Agent

Can I Pull Out Of The Sale?

You may pull out of the sale at any time. There is no charge for this and we will even pay your legal fees.

Can I Rent My House Back?

Absolutely, we will buy your house and you can remain as tenant. Just becasue you decide to sell your house does not mean you have to move. 

Can I Have A Cash Advance?

In most circumstances we will allow you a cash advance, once the agreement is in place and all the paperwork is signed.

Can I use My Own Solicitor?

Yes you may use your own lawyer, although this will be at your own cost. This may also slow down the buying process.

The True Cost Of Estate Agents

The primary aim of an estate agent is to get your property onto their books and away from the competition. To achieve this they usually give you a price you are very happy with and often higher than you were expecting. Only then do they set about selling your home. They will advise that it be advertised at the price agreed for a while and lower it if there are no takers. This can often take months and sometimes they never find a buyer.

When or if a buyer is found the buyer will usually make offers at between 5-10% below the asking price. Once the survey has been carried out the buyer will usually chip away again in light of any issues discovered by the surveyor.

The time from the agreed sale price and the completion of the house sale can usually take up to 6 months and even longer in some cases. In all this time the buyer can pull out at any time and leave you devastated, because your buyer’s circumstances change over time.

Although an estate agent will only ask for a nominal fee, they do not warn you of the costs you may incur over the long period of time it takes from your house going on the market to the point of completion. Extra mortgage payments, council tax, insurance payments etc.

You have none of the worries and stresses with Upright Homes, we simply agree a price and we buy your house. WE ARE THE BUYERS.

Cost comparison of a house marketed at £100,000

Estate Agent Costs

  • Asking Price Discount – £10,000

  • Agent Fees – £2,300 + VAT

  • Solicitors Fees – £1,000

  • Mortgage Payments – £5,000

  • Repairs – £500

  • Decorating £250

  • Council Tax & Other Bills (during sale period) – £2,000

  • Further Haggling (after survay) £5,000

  • Endless Stress

  • Endless Worrying

  • Many Viewings

  • NO Guaranteed Sale

Auction Costs

  • Auction Discount Price – £20,000

  • Auction Fees – £4,000 + VAT

  • Solicitors Fees – £1,000

  • Mortgage Payments – £1,800

  • Repairs – £500+

  • Decorating £250

  • Council Tax & Other Bills (during sale period) – £700

  • No Further Haggling (Price already heavily discounted)

  • Endless Stress

  • Endless Worrying

  • Many Viewings

  • NO Guaranteed Sale

Guaranteed Sale & Completion

  • Upright Homes Sale 100% 100%
  • Auction Sale 70% 70%
  • Estate Agent Sale 40% 40%

Upright Homes

We will buy your house 100% and pay the full agreed price. We have over £20m in buying funds and have no need to locate buyers.  There are NO chains or buyers to pull out when selling to Upright Homes. WE ARE THE BUYERS.

Auction Sale

Selling by auction is a gamble. A low reserve price is required to attract interested buyers and it all depends on the day who is actually at the auction bidding.  Premium buyers do not attend property auctions, bargain hunters do.

Estate Agent Sale

Estate agents may attempt to sell your house without much success and after a while you might try a new agent. You have less than 40% chance of selling through an agent and an even less chance of achieving the desired price.

See To What Our Customers Say

“Upright Homes came to my aid when I needed to sell my house. It had been on sale for almost a year with no seious interest. I spoke with Upright Homes and within a month they had bought my house and the money was in my bank.”

Jade Longstaff

Motivated Seller, Halifax

“After losing my dear mother my sister and I were left to deal with probate. It was a very difficult time and having to sell the house where we grew up was exceptionally challanging. We would like to thank Upright Homes for taking away the pain this would have caused.”

The Barker Family

Motivated Sellers, Derby

“Fantastic service and absolutly stress free. Upright Homes are exactly what they say on the tin. They gave us a great price and we did not even have to lift a finger, they simply took care of everything. Thanks guys, we are extemely thankful!”

Mr & Mrs Swaine

Motivated Sellers, Stockport

“I was in financial difficulty and about to loose my home. I contacted Upright  Homes and not only did they buy my house they allowed me to continue living here as a paying tenant, event at below the rental market value. House sold and cheap rent…. Perfect.”

Sean Corby

Motivated Seller, Leeds